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Friday, January 27, 2012

Here I am :)

I have been seriously lacking in the crafting, decorating, posting area of my life. I've been a little busy growing twins. This pregnancy started off rough from the beginning. As some people know (and some don't), we had to undergo fertility treatments. I had a very bad reaction to the medicine, which caused some breathing issues because of a fluid build up in my body. Landed me in the hospital for some painful treatments for 5 days in August. While I was there, I found out that I was pregnant (hooray!) and moved right from severe  OHSS  to severe hyperemesis, which caused me to not be able to teach this year and have a home nursing service come to give me IV's and hook me up to a zofran pump! Fun TIMES! In the middle of all of this, we found out that we were expecting not one, but 2 little bundles of joy! I am feeling slightly better now, but am fully feeling the effects of a double pregnancy and *trying* to keep up with our 2 year old. Thankfully, I have an AMAZING husband and family :)

All of this time in bed has opened many doors for me on PINTEREST and has allowed me to find some amazing nursery ideas. I have decided to go with a Beach Cottage feel, because I was having a hard time finding something that would fit our boy/girl twins. I already knew I MUST have the Pottery Barn Kids Madras crib bedding that I had lusted after when I was pregnant with my first daughter. I almost cried when I found out it has been discontinued. I lucked out and found something semi-close at Babies R Us by Trend Lab.... Check it out:
 This is the girl bedding:
And our little boy's: 

I found some great art and wall decor on Pinterest, so in between bouts of morning sickness, I created my first piece. I love sayings & thought this one would be adorable surrounded by photographs from family beach trips.

I wanted to do a burlap background, but when I went to the fabric store, this stuff was right next to the burlap. I figured because it was a tighter weave, it would much easier to paint. ( I think I was right!) 

 Also picked up a 12 x 12 canvas
 I wrapped the canvas with the material and used the staple gun to fasten the fabric to the back.

It looked like this after I attached it: 

 I used scrap vinyl that I had and cut out my saying. The vinyl seemed to work pretty well sticking to the fabric.
 Two coats of black paint:
 Peeled off the vinyl after it had dried for a bit and this is how it came out:
Pretty cute! Can't wait to get it hung up in the nursery!!

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